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So I haven't worked on my draft for like three days, but mehakjdkas. Tomorrow is a fresh day and I've finally convinced myself dwelling on isn't gonna help me write.

It was my mom's bday the other day, and we restarted our Hulu account which spiraled into her wanting to watch FMA: Brotherhood. We made it past my favourite, most traumatizing episode. But I missed FMA. There are lots of anime and manga series I do wanna revisit as an adult and see how I feel about them now. FMA, however, I don't think will ever leave my heart. I feel like its better now that I am an adult. I was heavily into it when I 13/14 and I doubt could really, truly grasp so much of the details.

I did catch up on reading Wonder Woman, Green Lanterns, and Unbelievable Gwenpool! Ms. Marvel and Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns are the next to list. Also Zombies Assemble, which is a manga? I'm curious.

The most exciting part, oh gosh, is I got so many lovely comments on apart both this last weeks TRB fics!!! I don't. I'm so happy, I've never gotten so many before. It makes thinking about getting back to writing tomorrow so much more worthwhile, you know???
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Universe: 1872
Rating: T
Warnings: Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism

Written for the Cap_Ironman TRB Round 2: Shellhead. Caz's lovely art can be found on A03 and Tumblr.

Tony had moved on after the events of Steve’s death. The best that he was able to, anyway. Except Steve made it out alive after all, and now Tony’s left dealing with how to face him. Hint: At the bottom of a bottle.
Read it on A03
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So now there's talk of the MCU killing off Tony in Infinity Wars and it's stressing me out. Just like, in the circle of people I'm around not anything confirmed. Promise. But it's making me anxious because I'm still pretty new Marvel as a whole, and Tony is my fave, and I've found a lot of joy being apart of this community.

I mean, obviously half of everybody I'm around (and admire) lean towards the comics already, so it's just my dumb anxiety. And the overwhelming length of the original 616 alone. Jeez. Not to mention I prefer the comics over the MCU in general, regardless of how much I love RDJ's Tony (in a couple select movies, anyway). I'm not really fond of MCU Steve after First Avenger, and so on and so fourth. ALl my fics up till now take place in the MCU just because its the one universe I was most familiar.

Doesn't help the current All-New All-Different comics are ... an entire can of worms for me, and are straight up stressful to read right now. But I do wanna catch up on a couple series I've been majorly ignoring reading. So.
I've not kept up in general for like, maybe half a year now? Almost a year? But I crammed almost the whole Ults run in a month. Secret Wars is tripping me up because of lack of 616 knowledge. Someday I'll get there.

My brain has its own separate agenda from itself. Which will never, ever be new.
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Code Name: Assemble
Universe: Avengers Academy
Rating: T
Written for meatball42′s @capim-tinybang art. Originally posted to my tumblr
A drabble in Wade/Deadpool’s POV. 

Wade nodded his head in satisfaction, staring down at his phone and then back up to Cap flexing his muscles weight lifting. The new outfit was baggy and probably very comfortable compared to the superhero regular of damn skin tight but oh-so-glorious they all freaking wore.
The option to unlock said outfit weighed on him. He hadn’t gotten Wasp’s latest, and let’s face it Wasp always had the cutest designs.
He thought about it for a couple seconds.
Screw it, Wasp would understand. Cap looked just as good in game as he did in real life. 
Read more... )
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Little overwhelmed that I'm currently trying to draft an MCU based Ults crossover, but very dependent on how the new Spider-man will change some of my perceptions regarding, well, everything. And especially how I wanna rewrite certain details. All because I can't actually go and see the movie. Like, I probably won't be able to see it till it's on dvd/blu-ray.

I'm not avoiding spoilers. But spoilers verses watching the movie yourself are two very different things.
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It's four days since beginning my draft. I'm consciously stuck on being roughly 500 words behind my daily goal right now. Which I do, every single time I write. Regardless of what I'm trying to write or what my set end goal is. Always.


It's been a promising, stressful, unbelievably exciting beginning because I'm already being led around on where the story is supposed to go instead of me leading it. It's the best part of writing the first draft, honestly. Well, err, in my opinion that is.
Except I'll still be screaming at myself internally: please write and stop freaking procrastinating why are you like this!??
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Today is the day! Except not really. Because as I am excited to start writing my draft and work on the tiny bang I am so overwhelmed. I've been off my mood stabilizers for several weeks, so the hypomanic-mixed episode I've sunken into demands I start everything. Right now. Go, go, go, go!
I'm well versed with my own mental health not to listen. Even if it doesn't make me feel any less stressed. Or impulsive.

But today is my day of rest, and I'm focusing on just relaxing. Quieting my impulses. I did find a working title, I have a mostly completed outline--which I can touch up on throughout the month. It got longer, and I was proudly able to break into parts (as potential chapter breaks). So my focus it part one. No rush on the rest, right? Right. I'm doing good. And I'm doing more than I have ever accomplished before. So.
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So I have half an outline done, which is amazing. Also really, really terrifying because I cannot gauge how long this is gonna end up being. This outline is HUGE. But the true suffering is finding working title. I hate coming up with titles. I have never once not complained about coming up with a title for anything I've ever made, ever. I have not mastered the secrets creating fantastic titles. I actually often use song lyrics, except for my last fic, which somehow kinda just worked itself out. I have an ... idea of maybe something I want as at least a working title but then I go deciding, nope.

I hate this.

More hilariously, I ended up punching myself in the face today. The only details I'll give is I'm so amazingly clumsy that this isn't even really an unusual occurrence. It's been a good while, so it was bound to be coming. My eye is bruised, too.
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Still no idea what I'm doing. At least with how Your Circle works???? But!

Will be posting any Cap_Ironman Tiny Reverse Bang drabbles/stories I write here. And CampNaNoWriMo starts this Saturday too. I've said henlo to my cabin mates, and I'm currently trying to actually complete an outline for this.
Did I mention I keep flip flopping between, "Yes, aim for the BB" and "No just write as much as you can but just make it a WIP and post a chapter once a week and/or month". Ujhadjasdadbaj.

So ...

Jun. 26th, 2017 09:22 am
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Working on getting my page all set up here. Boy am I massively confused about how anything here actually works (LJ always confused me, tbh). Then, hopefully, I'll be rambling about writing. And actually posting some writing. And stuff. And figuring how the tagging system works, heh.


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